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Meditation For Busy Doctors Like You


Meditation Programs for Doctors:
6.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ now available for all programs


Live Meditation Programs for Doctors

Learn how Conscious Health Meditation is the perfect tool for clinicians to manage burnout and stress, and learn what options are available for you and your workplace.

Online Meditation Courses for Doctors

‘Meditation For Doctors: A Guide to the REST Technique’, is a powerful, comprehensive, CME-accredited online meditation course created by Jill specifically for busy doctors like you.


Meditation Retreats

Earn 6.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ as you learn Conscious Health Meditation in a peaceful, restorative setting at our Women in Healthcare Meditation Retreat October 1-5, 2019 at the Miraval Resort in Tuscon, AZ.

TransforMD for Women Physicians

TransforMD provides powerful strategies and coaching to achieve alignment with your unique values, goals, and purpose. For women physicians looking for more. January 8-12, 2020 at Excellence Playa Mujeres resort in Cancun, Mexico.


You can stop blaming yourself.

Is it you… or is it the broken healthcare system?
Doctors feel unsupported and powerless, and burnout is rising by the minute. How do clinicians not just survive, but thrive?

Conscious Health Meditation is your life raft. It isn’t just an excuse for ‘the system’ to get away with piling more work on clinicians. Even in the most perfect system, taking care of sick people is stressful!

Working as a clinician in any setting eats away at our resilience, drains our adaptation energy, and can lead to job dissatisfaction and burnout. You have the chance to take action, empower yourself, and find calm in the chaos of a toxic system. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

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To the skeptics…

You don't have to suffer through meditation! 
This is meditation like you’ve never seen it before. High-performing, high-stress, type-A people, people with racing thoughts and busy minds, people who have tried and failed at other types of meditation: all of these people are capable of successfully practicing Conscious Health Meditation. Here's why: we sit comfortably, and we actually want our minds to wander.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

What will it do for you?

Rewire the way your body handles stress.

By neutralizing the effects of cortisol and adrenaline from your near-constant survival mode, Conscious Health Meditation changes the way you process stress at a physiologic level, which has far-reaching physical and emotional effects.

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About Jill

After 10+ years practicing Internal Medicine in a busy urban hospital, Jill knows firsthand what severe stress and burnout feel like. In the midst of her own burnout, she was introduced to Conscious Health Meditation, and it had a profound effect on her resilience and reactivity.

Like many healthcare professionals, Jill was initially skeptical of spiritual practices. However, as she learned the science behind Conscious Health Meditation, she embraced the training and marveled at the results of the practice.

After 2 years of advanced coursework, Jill completed her 3-month teacher training in Rishikesh, India in April, 2016.

Jill’s 8+ years of meditation practice and 3+ years of teaching meditation, combined with the teaching and mentoring skills developed during her academic medical career, her personal experience with burnout, and her intimate understanding of the healthcare system, make her uniquely suited to teach Conscious Health Meditation and other stress-reduction techniques to healthcare professionals from all fields.

Dr Marjorie Stiegler, anesthesiologist, entrepreneur and expert in social media for physicians, shares her experiences with and benefits from Conscious Health Meditation. Hint: it's much easier than you think!

Bringing meditation to clinic: Conscious Health Meditation is a real-life practice that can go anywhere!