What is Adaptation Energy? Your bank account of patience.

What depletes your Adaptation Energy? Anything that goes against your expectations: poor patient outcomes, spending hours on the phone obtaining prior auth, cancelled tests, delayed discharges, EMR challenges, you name it!

What replenishes your Adaptation Energy? Sleep, eating well, exercise, massage, vacation, anything you find restorative and restful. And, of course, meditation.

How does Adaptation Energy keep me from being a slave to my stress? Watch these 2 videos to learn how Adaptation Energy is essential in making you less reactive and more in control of how you live your life (and how meditation can give you a limitless supply).



Learn about Adaptation Energy, your body's bank account of patience, how you can get more of it through meditation, and how it affects your reactivity and stress levels.


Learn how Conscious Health Meditation gives you unlimited stores of Adaptation Energy, your body's bank account of patience, so that you can remain calm, even-keeled, and stress-free in the face of any work situation.


Now you've seen how ADAPTATION ENERGY affects how we respond to stressful situations, and how Conscious Health Meditation maximizes your adaptation energy. Now what?? Get you or your practice started with Conscious Health Meditation!