Tired of being your own worst enemy? Ask yourself these 2 easy questions!

Do you ever find yourself saying ‘I can’t believe I just broke up with yet another emotionally unavailable partner!’, or ‘I know I’m talented, why do my business ideas keep failing?’, or ‘why do I keep saying yes to additional projects at work even though I’m already too busy?’

You aren’t alone, and you aren’t powerless! Look closely at the commonalities in the vicious cycles in your life, and here’s what you’ll find: YOU. That’s right. You are the common thread. This isn’t blame, self-flagellation, or something that you ‘deserve’. This is what you have energetically attracted into your life, based on ancient history.  

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Are We Being Too Exclusive?

As I gear up for my next event- the TransforMD Mastery Retreat for Women Physicians (at an all-inclusive, adults-only, luxury resort in Mexico Jan 8-12), I've had some inquiries as to why we don't include other women in healthcare- PA's, NPs, pharmacists, or even women in non-medical professions. I get it. My TransforMD co-founder and I had to think long and hard about the type of space we hoped to create for our TransforMD attendees and balance that with getting our message out. The more the merrier, right? 

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Looking for safety in the status quo? Look again- here's why you'll never find it.

People fear change. It’s in our DNA. The soul purpose of our ego is to separate us from ‘other’ in order to protect us and keep us safe. So any time we try to make a move towards the unknown, the ego ‘inner critic’ voice kicks in: ‘don’t do it’, ‘you’ll never succeed’, ‘you’ll look stupid’, ‘they’ll never listen to you’… you fill in the blank with your own ‘inner critic’ ramblings.

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Tired of beating yourself up for not living up to your definition of 'perfect'?

I've got perfectionism on the brain. I can’t help it.

Even though I’m not longer practicing medicine, I'm not immune to the pressures we all put on ourselves to be perfect, trust me! I've got perfectionism built into my DNA :)

If there’s one trait that I notice in each of the docs that I teach to meditate, it’s perfectionism.

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Going Beyond Peanut Butter and Graham Crackers

Life as a doctor doesn’t have to be this way! These days, stress and burnout are a near-constant. Lots of things contribute- long hours, EMR, coding, utilization management reviews, rounds, challenging patients (and families), complex medical decisions, and discharge planning, just to name a few.

You don’t have control over most of these parts of your day. But you do have control over one thing: YOU.

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Time Well Spent: The Benefits of Meditation for a Busy Obstetrician

As a clinician, time is a valuable commodity. Between call, clinic, and surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology can be one of the most stressful specialties. Meet Dr. Jill Henke, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist from Atlanta. She works in a busy private practice and took the 4-Part Course in Conscious Health Meditation 7 months ago.

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