Going Beyond Peanut Butter and Graham Crackers

Life as a doctor doesn’t have to be this way! These days, stress and burnout are a near-constant. Lots of things contribute- long hours, EMR, coding, utilization management reviews, rounds, challenging patients (and families), complex medical decisions, and discharge planning, just to name a few.

You don’t have control over most of these parts of your day. But you do have control over one thing: YOU.

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Time Well Spent: The Benefits of Meditation for a Busy Obstetrician

As a clinician, time is a valuable commodity. Between call, clinic, and surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology can be one of the most stressful specialties. Meet Dr. Jill Henke, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist from Atlanta. She works in a busy private practice and took the 4-Part Course in Conscious Health Meditation 7 months ago.

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The 5 Most Common 4-Letter Words in Physician Wellness (and why I love them anyway) –

Since I decided to become ‘the doctor who became a meditation teacher’, I have spoken with A LOT of doctors about meditation. There is an extremely wide range of approaches and attitudes towards ‘physician wellness’, and I’ve taken note.

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What it Took to Get a Skeptical, Type-A, Burned Out Doctor to Learn Meditation

When Physician Burnout and Moral Injury Strike… One summer day in 2011, 5 years into my career as a hospitalist in Chicago, it all changed. Here’s what it took to get me, a skeptical, Type A, burned-out doctor, to learn meditation. Hint: it started with a spa, a swimming pool, and a program with horses. Intrigued?

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Take Your Time

I used to practice hospital-based Internal Medicine in Chicago. I took care of people who were sick enough to be admitted to the hospital with diseases like pneumonia, kidney failure, HIV-related complications, and liver disease.  About a year before I stopped practicing medicine, I took care of a young man in his 30’s who was often hospitalized for his worsening kidney failure and his very poorly controlled high blood pressure.

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Jill Wener
Meditation as a high-performance tool

As a meditation teacher, I meet people every day who have pre-conceived notions about meditation. People assume that we have to sit in an uncomfortable position with our backs straight and legs crossed, that we have to clear our minds of thoughts, and maybe even that we need to be hippies with flowing hair, meditating in a grassy field with birds chirping and rainbows.

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