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Jill is excited to announce a research collaboration with the Emory University Division of Hospital Medicine, designed to measure the effects of Conscious Health Meditation on physician burnout, job satisfaction, sleep, and other wellness measures.


  • 13/26 Hospitalists at Emory St Joseph’s Hospital learned Conscious Health Meditation in the summer/fall of 2019 (volunteer enrollment only, 50% of hospitalist group chose to enroll, showing a significant interest in the intervention)

  • Each hospitalist completed the Stanford Burnout Assessment before, and 3 months after, participating in the meditation course

  • Meditation consistency was tracked with a smartphone app

  • Focus groups and surveys added depth and qualitative data to the research project


  • 10 of the 13 participants completed an anonymous pre and post Stanford professional fulfillment index

  • 11 participants completed the post- qualitative survey

  • 9 participants attended the group exit discussion

  • 4 participated in the one on one exit interview

  • 80% of participants would recommend this or similar programs for another participant

  • 90% felt confident meditating following the instruction

  • 90% of participants felt the length of the instruction (4 consecutive days for 90 mins) was appropriate for the content presented

  • 50% felt the hospital was an ideal location for the instruction while the remaining preferred a location outside the hospital

  • Participants stated that some of the benefits from meditation included more efficiency, more compassion, less burnout, better sleep, more patience, more adaptability, more focused

  • 55% stated ultimately, they would continue meditating. Of those who did not plan to continue meditating, 50% of them stated they were happy to have the skill and would likely pick it up again at some other time in their lives

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