The course allowed me to let go of my preconceived ideas about meditation and people who meditate. I am increasingly comfortable with the practice- it gives me a reason/prescription to take time for myself. I am sure that I will continue to grow but I am already starting to feel the effects. The world will go on if I take time for myself!
— Dr Tiffany Randolph, Cardiologist, Raleigh, NC
I truly feel so fortunate that I was able to learn this form of meditation. I feel very comfortable with the meditation and hope to continue forming this habit. The ability to embrace thoughts and recognize that the body’s release of stress via physical “symptoms” was beautiful. Conscious Health Meditation will best help me to maintain purpose and to learn how to maintain a calmness/stillness and remain even-keeled.
— Dr Rupel Dedhia, Primary Care Clerkship Director, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
Dr Marjorie Stiegler, anesthesiologist, entrepreneur and expert in social media for physicians, shares her experiences with and benefits from Conscious Health Meditation. Hint: it's much easier than you think!
I feel confident that I will be able to incorporate meditation into my daily life. What I “thought” meditation was ended up differing so greatly from what I learned with Jill. Conscious Health Meditation gives me a sense of calm and energy in my professional and daily life. It allows me to be more mindful in other aspects of my life (eg mindful eating).
— Dr Candra Bass, Anesthesiologist, Raleigh, NC
After completing the Conscious Health Meditation course, I feel very confident and excited to see how I feel in 6 weeks. I was surprised to learn that even the parts that are “wrong” are still fine (ie. thoughts). This practice gives me better resilience and the ability to keep calm in stressful situations.
— Dr Melissa St Germain, Pediatrician, Omaha, NE
The most surprising part about the Conscious Health Meditation course is that I could do it! It worked despite “me”. I feel like I have a superpower now- like I have this secret weapon at my disposal. If/when I get really exhausted, I’ll just take 20 minutes to meditate. Problem solved!
— Dr Anne Hartley, Internal Medicine, Chicago, IL
My confidence has increased over the course of the 4 sessions. Meditation will help me to gain focus and make my time more effective in my professional and personal life.
— Dr Jeannette Gonzalez-Simon, Owner of Dr Simon's Remedy, Verona, NJ
I feel excited to continue and see how my life is changed. I was surprised at how easy it is to practice Conscious Health Meditation.. I like that Jill follows up with us and that we can email/call her with any future questions. I was the most skeptical about the meditation piece, but feel now after the course is over, that it will probably be the most important/helpful thing I learned!
— Dr Judi Scott, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Omaha, NE
I have finally experienced some of the benefits that people talk about. I can see how this can make a big impact. I was surprised at how relaxing it is so quickly. Meditation helps me to work through complex problems more creatively.
— Dr Sylvia Jaramillo, Oncologist, Austin, TX
I’ve been meditating for almost a year. It makes me a better person in every way every day. I love this tool and am looking forward to going even deeper into my meditation practice.
— Dr Valerie LeComte, Emergency Medicine, Denver, CO
I’m feeling happy and optimistic- and very motivated to continue! I was surprised at how easy it is, and it has helped me with my stress management. It feels very life changing. I wasn’t sure if it would feel sustainable but it absolutely does.
— Dr Kari Krenzer, Pediatrician, Omaha, NE
After completing the 4-Part Course in Conscious Health Meditation, I am more accepting of it now and committed to the 6 month trial. It has helped me find my own resistance to serenity. It has improved my patience and stress and helped me be more individual and present in life.
— Dr Katia Stoletniy, Psychiatrist, Loma Linda, CA
After completing the 4-Part Course, I feel more confident and comfortable, and I am interested in adding it daily. I was surprised that I could get through 20 minutes! It has helped me to slow down and take time for me, and to be away from my phone.
— Dr Nancy Yen Shipley, Orthopedic Surgeon and blogger, Portland, OR
Dr Nancy Yen Shipley, Orthopedic Surgery, Portland, OR

Dr Nancy Yen Shipley, Orthopedic Surgery, Portland, OR

I plan on continuing my practice long term. I was surprised at how much control I really have over my life and how it affects/doesn’t have to affect my level of stress or my “adaptation energy”. Meditation is beneficial to all aspects of my life- stress, organization, personal relationships.
— Dr Tifany Somer Shely, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Omaha, NE
I am pretty confident in my skills as a meditator and very much interested in continuing my practice. I was surprised to learn that my mind doesn’t have to be blank and thoughts are part of the process. Meditation increases my creativity, which has the biggest impact in all areas of my life.
— Dr Carolina Osorio, Psychiatrist, Loma Linda, CA