The 4-Part Course in Conscious Health Meditation

Whether at your workplace, in a group setting, or on your own, the 4-part Course is the most impactful way to work with Jill.

Prerequisite: Submit a request to work with Jill, then you will have a free 1:1 private consultation with Jill to discuss your individual or group goals. The course can be taught to individuals or to larger groups.

Part 1: Opening ceremony & Conscious Health Meditation mechanics

Part 2: Fundamental technique and integration of meditation practice into current lifestyle

Part 3: Using the technique to dissolve the effects of stress

Part 4: Understanding neuroplasticity and the long-term benefits of Conscious Health Meditation

Course Goals

  • Understand and use the Conscious Health Meditation technique

  • Understand how meditation affects the mind and body

  • Build confidence in personal use of the meditation technique

  • Recognize health benefits that come from regular meditation practice

  • Develop your personalized practice plan

The Program Includes

  • Expert instruction delivered through our 4-Part Course (4 days/90 minutes per day)

  • One private follow-up session (additional cost may apply for some group programs)

  • Lifetime access to Jill via email and text

  • Regular meditation support emails, including tips, stories and perspectives on the practice of Conscious Health Meditation

  • Private Facebook Group for practitioners, including online group meditations

  • Participate in any future 4-Part Courses for a refresher in technique and practice

  • Lifetime access to refresher courses and group meditations taught by a global network of Conscious Health instructors at no charge

  • Your children ages 4 to 10 qualify to attend a children’s Conscious Health Meditation course at no charge 


  • Individual pricing for the Conscious Health Meditation course is typically $1200-1400, and includes all of the above perks and bonuses. Medical students and residents (and all healthcare trainees) enjoy a 66% reduction in course fee ($400). Pricing can vary for larger groups and private courses.

After years of trying to meditate on my own via apps, timers, books etc, I connected with Jill. As a fellow physician, I knew she was what I was looking for in learning to meditate. With a group of women physicians in Nebraska and beyond, I completed her 4 part course. It was amazing! Jill is able to bridge the world of Vedic wisdom with the science of medicine, which is just what I was looking for in a teacher. More importantly, she teaches meditation so that it truly is easy. My daily practice no longer feels hard or uncomfortable. I am taking time to meditate every day, and that helps me feel more calm in my work and home life.
— L Nelson MD, Internist, Omaha, NE
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Meditation for Doctors.JPG